Case Study

Logistics Sector

One of the largest home delivery companies in the UK. Its sales team is made up of almost 80 employees ranging from Sales, Account and Business Development Managers to Sales Directors, Regional Leaders and Marketing Managers.

Since its inception, the firm have built a reputation of outstanding customer service to its 12,000+ UK-wide clients, but, as with any company of their stature, they had their problems too.

With so many salespeople under their belt, all vying to build their portfolio and win new business, it became difficult for everyone to keep track of each other’s wins and lost opportunities. Not only that, but knowing how up-to-date information contained in their company-wide CRM became challenging too.

They had more than 74,000 contacts to contend with, including customers, prospects and leads. They knew a number of the records would have changed – i.e. their role might have changed or their account might have moved, but manually intervening would have been a direct conflict on their sales team’s KPIs, because it would have taken their efforts away from selling.

So, to help them overcome this barrier, we helped them to identify:

Contacts Information found61.78%45,930
Contacts w/ 3+ Years in Role24.64%18,320
Contacts w/ -2 Years in Role34.89%25,942
Contacts w/ -6 month in Role2.24%1,667

And by doing this, we enabled them to:

  1.  Automate their contact updates process, saving them invaluable resource time.
  2. Create an accurate list of key priorities for their sales team to focus on.
  3. Provide their sales team with additional insights to help shape the way they target their contacts.

This exercise was able to deliver 3 key values:

  1. Automation of contact updates – reducing resource cost
  2. Ensured a list of key priorities for the Sales Team to focus on.
  3. Delivered further insights to the Sales Team to approach these contact with key
    information estimates that 91% of CRM data is incomplete and 70% of that data decays annually.

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