Our Journey

People buy from people - Right?

Condor Data was born after observing the data management challenges so many businesses struggled with week in, week out.

We saw first-hand the frustrations Salespeople, Business Development Managers and Sales Directors faced. We witnessed the endless hours they spent each and every week scouring platforms like LinkedIn, expos, Google and the Yellow Pages (for the veterans out there!) for new leads and prospects. And we questioned the commercial insights that derived from these efforts.

We said to ourselves, there must be a better way. And there was.

Most businesses in this day and age have some form of CRM in place, but that’s not always enough. We identified a distinct lack of insights for salespeople to bounce off, and with insights comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes power.

More often than not, CRMs are used purely for tracking KPIs, opportunity pipeline management, billing, and hosting contact information – most of which is outdated, incomplete or inaccurate.

"Salesforce.com estimates that 91% of CRM data is incomplete and 70% of that data decays annually"

Dun & Bradstreet