Over the past decade, technology has completely transformed the way sales teams are prospecting and qualifying leads.

Condor was born from the experience and frustration of Sales individuals, BDM’s and Sales Directors at the numerous hours a week spent looking for leads and prospects across the Yellow Pages (for the more mature ones), and LinkedIn, Expo’s attendees, Google searches, etc. While all the hard work looking for leads is great, there is a considerable amount of time spent understanding what will be the Commercial Insight we will be communicating to the leads/prospects, to call their attention, to break the noise barrier, to hit the right pain, etc.

While today, most businesses have a CRM in place it is clear that very few insights are built to help the Sales Teams. In most cases CRM’s are used for KPI’s, Opportunity Pipeline Management, Billing, Contact Information – Mostly outdated or Inaccurate or Incomplete.

This is why Condor needed to exist: To ensure all the history and data of the business can be used to bring real insights to the Sales Teams. There is a large value on the information your CRM has, but it needs to be updated and extracting the right insight to your Sales Individuals. This will shorten the sales cycle, as the focus of the energy is concentrated with the right leads and prospects, with information that will break the noise barrier that will call the attention of your target.

Our machine learning SaaS platform provides an analytical and efficient approach to enterprise organisations, allowing Sales Teams to make better, more efficient sales activities.

Because Condor is based on publicly available data, you can explore the full scope contact details, including previous and current roles and companies they worked but related to your business.

Our customers use Condor for prioritising sales activities to generate growth revenue

Planning effective sales campaigns, engage at early stages with Clients and Prospects, and reducing the costs associated with non productive sales activities (Prospecting and Qualifying Leads)